The Helen Fragments

Letterpress Book
The Helen Fragments, books three and six of Homer's Iliad translated by Richard Seibert, and produced as a limited edition of 150, 120-page letterpress book, published by Peter Koch. Fifty illustrations of original ink drawings accompany each verse. The protagonists, drawn in the nude save for helmets and one surprising pair of high heels, act out their destiny on a narrow stage formed by classical friezes.

Peter Koch, Printers,
Berkley, California
Cover paper by David Kimball, Magnolia Papermill
Long-stitch binding with leather tabs designed by Victoria Heifner and bound by John DeMerritt

The Brodsky Center for Innovative Print and Paper

New Jersey Print and Paper Fellowship
Master printers and papermakers provided the technical expertise to create several series of prints using Xerox transfer and Chine-colle on specially made paper.


Renaissance paintings explain the moment of Christ’s inception with the image of the “word of god” entering the ear of the Virgin Mary as a shaft of golden light. This multiple edition, using prints from a single plate, is layered inside the the shells and coated with wax. The ear and the shell, sharing a similar shape, make an inward-turning form that protects a vulnerable interior.