Night and Water

A white glaze, painted and fired onto the dark blue glaze of an ordinary bathroom tile, changes a common object into a singular enigmatic artwork. The fused glazes become translucent, creating darkly luminous images of water at night.  Mysterious moons churn dark waters. Swimmers strain against the current, dive into the depths.

The Unacquainted

Influenced by Delft imagery, these monochromatic paintings on tile present a single creature against a bare background.  The heft and action of each figure is emphasized by the application of the glaze that creates a low relief. Within the clean square space, each is removed from the world. 

A Moment

Relief sculpture with ceramic tile set into a plaster surround and coated with beeswax. Each diptych brings together two species, animal and human, forever locked in a momentary interaction. A couple, they confront, cajole, or chase each other across a moment in time.