Marking Time

Voluptuous figures emerge from the surface in gestures of protection. They recoil from the fully formed insect and animal that awaits and watches. The parchment-like paper, ragged and pockmarked, bears the marks of age much like skin. A small white rectangle, like a label, has small strokes that count off days and mark the time passed.

Picture Perfect

Vignettes arranged in diptych format, suggest many forms of garden, from picnic to bible story. Two images on white squares suggest a story. A third figure, on a transparent overlay, disrupts this narrative. Further interrupting our view, cutout openings obscure the drawing while revealing off-center details.


Physical boundaries and the sequence of motion are explored in these watercolor works. Structured across the space of several tile-like frames, separate vignettes tell stories of temporality and the weight of gravity. Momentary events such as diving, climbing, blowing, lifting, holding and searching are acted out in the space between up and down.

The Remains

An insect approaches a decorative paper doily that fades into the surface of the paper. This is the moment after the event, when decorations become debris and small insects feed on the remains of the feast. Indecipherable markings on a flat white plane insist on a message.  Adornment gives way to destruction, memorialized by unfathomable text.